Greetings! Today we will come to you with a message about creation. In particular we wish to speak to you about your own powers of creation. We have reminded you of that still point inside of you...that place of stillness from which your creations begin. We understand that for some of you there is still a question as to what is next? We revel in your curiosity and your questions, for we take them as a sign of your eagerness to step into your Divine power and own your place as Creators! For if you were not eager and curious to know, then there would be only apathy in its place. We revel in and enjoy your apathy too! (laughter) For it is only a sign that there are still some of you who have yet to awaken and we see this as another glorious detail in the unfolding of the magnificent plan!

As our scribe was enjoying time to himself yesterday he suddenly became aware of a phrase that was running through his mind on repeat. We encourage you to pay close attention to those seemingly random thoughts Dear Ones as many times that is how we choose to communicate with you. The phrase that we sent to our brother, our partner, our scribe is one that will allow you to be aware in every moment what you are creating.

We are quite sure that because you are reading these words at this moment, that you are aware of the basic nature of The Law of Attraction. It is the divine law which governs all. There is not one of us that are above or outside of this law. It generally states that what we put out there, so shall we receive. In essence The Law of Attraction can be perceived as an echo chamber of sorts in that what you emit as a vibrational offering will determine that which is on its way back to you. If you were to stand in an actual echo chamber and shout the word “LOVE”! Then what would immediately bounce back to you would be the same vibration! Now we understand that this is a very simplified version of this law, and yet for our purposes of today’s message we wish for you to begin to view things as such.

What we put out there is what shall return to us. What ye sow, so shall ye reap! It can be confusing for so many who are beginning to awaken to understand that it is not necessarily the words or the actions that determine what you are creating. Yes, actions and words are an “important part of the recipe” so to speak and yet we wish to remind you that it is your intentions and your vibrations that most strongly influence your creations. You may say “I love this” or "I love that" and yet if the feeling vibration you are sending out to carry those words is one of indifference or anger or frustration, then the feelings are what shall most heavily influence what is going to come back to you. We remind you, Dear Ones that your feelings and your emotions are vibrational and they are the energies that are the most important part of the equation.

We encourage you to always apply your sense of discernment when sending and receiving messages. We would ask you to think of a time in your life when you were told one thing, but felt quite another. Think of a moment in your perception of your history when the message you received was mixed and we will guarantee you that the vibration that accompanied the words that you perceived were in opposition of each other. In the simplest terms you may think of a time when the words you heard were of a positive nature and yet the feeling or the “vibe” was of a lower energy.

In this way it is important to remember and begin to use these words.


The way that we would begin to use these words is quite simple. Before words are transmitted, whether they are spoken, written, thought or are the precursor of an action, we would encourage you to tune into the feeling behind the words. If you are feeling frustrated when acting, when thinking or when speaking then regardless of what those words are, frustration is the energy that shall be dominant in the transmission.

That is to say that if you are ever curious or wondering what shall be created by your vibrations, all you have to do is feel and you shall know the essence. 


In a way that is much like a formula, we can show this as a way to confirm what it is that is about to be borne.

I AM...Joyful.
WE ARE...Joyful.
IT IS...Joyful. 

Quite simply, your still point is I AM. This is the essence of your creation.
What you have sent out into the world is WE ARE. This is the energetic frequency of what has been created for you and for those around you.
What has just been created or contributed to the collective is IT IS. This is what it is at the heart of your creation and what is sent to all that receive it.

In any and every moment if there is ever doubt as to what you are creating or what is on its way back to you, pay attention to the feeling, the vibration below the words that are spoken, thought, written or acted upon.

We stand not in a place of judgement Dear Ones. We only come to you with these words and this idea so that you may begin to increase your awareness of what it is that you create. As we have communicated before and wish to reconfirm now, there is no wrong way for you. Merely levels of awareness and intent. We only ask that you begin your awareness from where you stand now. For that is all that one can ever be expected to do.

As you begin to consciously create from your still point, understanding now that the vibrations underlying your messages are truly the essence of your creations, it is now your awareness that allows you to step into your power as a Divine Creator! To fully and completely accept responsibility for what you have created and for what comes back into your awareness as a result is where the true power lies. "The proof is in the pudding" so to speak (laughter) for it is with this information that you shall begin to create fully what you desire. 

Breathe, go into your heart, and find the still point. Within that still point begin to find the signal that you desire and tune yourself towards that signal. From the arrival to that signal, then you can begin to accept the full awareness of that which you are creating. For it is in the feeling that you shall know the truth of your creation. The key to understanding is always in the feeling. We would remind you, our friends that feeling truly is believing! 

Until next time we leave you in Love an Light.



The Lighted Ones

Your Frequency is Your Choice


Greetings to you! We wish to speak to you today about frequency. There are so many energies available to all of you at any given moment and it is our intention for you to know you can always choose a higher vibration if you so desire. We have spoken to you about the still point of creation and how your magnificent bodies can detect the purity of information as it relates to you. 

We would like for you to consider for a moment, dear ones that your bodies are like radio receivers. As we have mentioned through our scribe in previous messages, your bodies are designed to send and recieve information. This information is sent in the form of vibrations. Light, energy, emotion, thoughts, all of these are vibrational in nature. Consider for a moment that you have in every moment the ability to tune into a higher frequency. For some of you this may be a very minor adjustment, for some of you this may be a “bigger turn of the dial” so to speak. We want you to know that the choice is always yours. We want you to know that as we turn up the intensity of love and light that is being showered to your beautiful planet right now that we are doing our best to make tuning into the higher vibrations as easy as we can. It is simply a matter of closing your eyes, breathing in and out three times and beginning to listen for the signal in the noise. Just like a radio tunes into specific stations using the dial, you can use your discernment to tune to a frequency that feels lighter, happier, freer, higher than the one you are tuned to now. We know that some of you are tuned into a very loving, positive, stream right now. The station you have tuned your radio to is playing such lovely music! (laughter)

Some of you may feel that you do not like the station to which you are tuned at this moment and we say to you then change the channel dear ones! If you feel that the vibrations you are sending and receiving are of a lower energy then you would prefer, then you can simply begin to adjust your internal dial to a station that feels better to you. Now we know that so many of our precious human brothers and sisters like their routines and their habits and for so many of you you have gotten very used to listening to a station that is of a lower vibrational frequency. Fear not dear ones, for we have told you before there is not a wrong way. Your intention is the most important thing in this moment. For if you clearly intend to tune into a higher, clearer, lighter frequency than the one you are used to then you will be given the opportunity to do so. For once you have created the desire to adjust your dial in a positive way then it is done!

Be kind to yourselves as you begin to traverse this new landscape. We understand that your set point which you may be used to living in could be of a lower vibration than what you desire to tune into. Over centuries of forgetting you have begun to believe that you must trudge on regardless of how you feel. We will say to you again that that time is over! You are magnificent Creator Beings infused with the same love and light that we are all a part of. There is not one of you who at your core is different than your neighbors. Some of your neighbors live next door, across the street, or upstairs. Some of your neighbors live on other planets and in other dimensions...way upstairs! (laughter)

What we mean to say to you in this message dear ones is that your point of vibration is always and only your choice. We understand that over the centuries of forgetting that you may have gotten used to vibrating at a frequency that is lower than you realized and now that so many of the higher frequencies have opened up to you, you may be realizing that your “set point” is now your new foundation. Your new “lowest vibration” is now much higher than it used to be and for some of you this may seem very disorienting and very strange. It is as if you were used to living on a particular level and now you see that there are so many other options available to you. We encourage you to allow this new unfolding, to allow this new process of “leveling up” so to speak. When you have those moments of feeling lost or feeling unsure, we will remind you to always go inside. To find that still point we have spoken to you of and to go to that place and begin again. Fear not if you feel anger or fear or frustration, for your dial must simply be tuned through these lower vibrational stations in order to arrive at your desired place.

Consider dear ones that if you were tuning your actual radio dial to find the music that you desire, you would not stop on the stations that you do not like and curse them for being there. You would merely use the unchosen frequencies as a marker letting you know that you are still on your way to your desired point of broadcast. If you were intending to tune to the jazz station, you would not stop on the rock and roll station and talk about how much you hate rock and roll, would you? (laughter) You would keep tuning past the noise that is unappealing to you until you found that station that you prefer. Your feelings and thoughts are the same dear ones. When you find yourself feeling or thinking in a way that feels low or heavy, simply recognize that it is merely a brief moment in time and that you are well on your way to your desired frequency. Honor those other stations for they are there to merely clarify for you what it is that your heart is moving you towards.

We will say to you that you always have the still point inside, you always have the beauty of your heart center and going to this place will always remind you of where you are going. You are never lost, you are never alone. You have woken up and have begun to remember and now it is merely a matter of learning to live in the “new now”. Just like on your first day of 5th grade you may find yourself longing for the comfort and familiarity of 4th grade as the new may seem scary and un-known. Yet we remind you that if it was not time for you to be in the next grade, then you would not be there! Allow yourself some time to adjust to your new class room, your new teacher and your new school mates. And if you ever feel overwhelmed or afraid, go in to that stillness and breathe. Breathe, breathe, breathe and you will begin to remember that all is well. All is as it should be and all is unfolding according to plan. Once you have been able to breathe and center yourself, then you can re-open your eyes and rejoin the class so to speak. Eventually, in much less time than you would believe, you will forget that you ever feared your new now and you will begin to revel in the excitement and joy of your new class! You will find friends and allies that you had forgotten about or who are seemingly brand new to you and you will wonder why you ever feared the new class in the first place! (laughter) So dear ones, fear not, just breathe, focus, feel. Find the signal in the noise and begin again to tune your dial. You will find the station you desire and you will know it when you feel it. Until next time we leave you in love and light! Rejoice!


The Lighted Ones. 

We Thank You For Your Light


Greetings and salutations! We come to you at this magnificent time to bring a message of love and light.  There are many shifts in the energies occurring right now and we understand that for many of you this may cause you to feel “a bit off” so to speak. We want to reassure you dear hearts that all is well. All is well.

There is a place within you that is still and pure. Go into that place and begin to become familiar with it. Learn to find this place as a refuge, a sanctuary. A place that is unmovable, unshakeable. The stillness that lives there is the beginning. The deep, vast, feelings of eternity are the place of creation. We will say to you that when you learn to live from this place, to speak, to act, to move from this place then you will begin to see the magnificence that you desire materialize before your very eyes. This place is always available to you, “24/7” as you like to say. If there is ever a moment of doubt or fear or insecurity or if you are unsure. You can go into this place of silence within you and draw incredible peace and comfort. This is where we can meet you. This is where we can comfort you, this is where we can create with you. There is so much love, so much joy, so much caring for you. This is a well that will never run dry! 

We are here, connected with you in love and light. We ask you to take care of and for each other. To nurture yourselves and your loved ones. To honor that which you are compelled to do. So many of you still wonder “but how will I know what is the right thing for me to do”? Again we will confirm to you that there is no wrong or right way for you. There is only the way that feels best for you. If you feel you have received direction or an impulse to act, you will immediately know by how you feel whether or not it is the best option for you at the time. 

The beginnings may feel small, they may feel slight and subtle yet there is so much power in the beginnings. The seed is small that grows the mighty Oak! Never forget that. We know that so many of you think that “bigger is better” (laughter) yet we say to you, size does not matter! (more laughter) A single step, a single breath, a single word, a pure thought and pure intent. These are the beginnings of all great things. Many empires were built with much less! (laughter) So we say again to you, go not into fear or doubt or insecurity. There is a plan and all are a necessary part of it.

Just like the space between breaths. There is a point between that inhale and the exhale that exists and this still point is just as important as any other part of the process. Just as mighty armies will take a moment to “pause and rest” so to speak, so shall you need time and moments to integrate and align with the new energies and the new realities that are taking shape.
So on this day when many of you celebrate by giving Thanks and Gratitude we say rejoice! We honor you, we love you! As you gather round with your family and friends...both physical and non-physical, know that you are loved, you are blessed, you are appreciated and you are necessary. Just like the brush strokes in a masterful painting, so too are you an important part of this composition. Do you think that the Mona Lisa would be the same if even one of those pieces were to change? We know that it would not be the same masterpiece even if one tiny part was different. So too are you important for the grand evolution of your planet and your galaxy. So let it unfold, let it reveal itself to you. Stay in that still point of love and eternity. Go into your hearts and feel dear ones, for that is where we shall meet you.

Until next time, in love and light we leave you! Rejoice! 




***This is my first message transcribed from a group of souls calling themselves "The Lighted Ones". For those of you who have been reading my progress thus far, I am compelled to clarify a few points. It was revealed to me that AAMichael was brought in to oversee the cleaning up and fine tuning of my connection to this group. I have an affinity with AAMichael and he knew that the changes I have gone through this past week would be easier for me to accept and believe if he was involved. He has been managing this transition and this morning he stepped aside so that my connection with The Lighted Ones could commence. My first experience of translating the information was very interesting in that there were SO many typos and mistakes. I took piano lessons for about 13 years when I was a kid. Those years of piano gave me dexterity and speed with typing that is pretty impressive. I generally have very few mistakes when I type, yet as I typed this message, it was indeed clunky and slow. My body was still twitchy and glitchy as I was typing this and my crown was tingling like crazy! So here it is...my first channeling from The Lighted Ones. Thanks for reading! :)


Greetings! We come to you from the Galactic Sun on this most wonderful of occasions. Your planet has been bathed in the most wonderful rays of love that we have seen in ages. We come from a place not so different from the one that you now live on. We have connected with our scribe, our partner, our brother to bring you messages of love, peace, transformation and joy.

We know that this time is one of great importance for many of you and you are wondering. When? How? What? Who? We want you to know that we hear all of your questions and that we understand that some of you are questioning is this real? We ask you to go into your hearts dear ones. That beautiful machine that is not only physically working with in your vessels to keep you living and breathing, but it is much more than that. It is your portal, your doorway, your threshold to your higher selves.

Some of you have been standing at the threshold for so long now asking, when? When will I know? How do I ascend? What is it that I am to do? We want you to know that the answers you seek are inside of you. They have been whispering to you for ages now awaiting the day when you will finally awake and hear the message. We know that so many of you have been trained to wait for a sign or a signal that will come from outside of you. You say, where is the flash in the sky? Where is the sign from above? And we say the fireworks and the light displays you are seeking are inside of you waiting to be seen and heard.

Close your eyes, and breathe, take a moment to connect with your heart center which is also your portal to all that you desire. It is there patiently waiting for you to reconnect, to remember. Listen and you will hear, you will know. Your bodies are beautifully designed instruments which have been built to send and receive messages and information. We understand that through centuries of forgetting you have begun to believe that the knowledge you seek is outside of you. But we are here to say that it all lives within. The treasure box you have been looking for is right in your lap! (laughter) The waves of love and energy that are being blasted onto your planet right now are unparalleled. We use the word blasted not in the sense of violence or war or aggression, but we use that word to convey the intensity of the energies that we are sending to you right now. We are but one of trillions of souls that are focused and watching your planet right now with loving, peaceful intention and much excitement! The waves of love that are being blasted on to your planet right now are not to change you, but to wake you up! To get you to remember.

Many of you feel right now like you are waking up and it is like one of your mornings when you have overslept your alarm. Or when you have been traveling, and you wake up and for a moment you know not where you are and there is a sense of panic in your hearts that you have somehow missed it or are some how lost. We say to you that there is nothing to miss and there is not a one of you who are lost. These reminders, these alarms, these activations are but to wipe the forgetfulness from your eyes so that you may see that the one you are waiting for is within.

Our scribe can tell you that he has begun to remember who he is and it has been in a way that had we told him a year ago he would have “laughed and kept on walking” so to speak. So it has been a very gentle, subtle process of waking him up to remember who he is and the powers that he has inside of his cellular structures. We cannot go from 0 to 10 in an instant for not only would that be a shock to your precious bodies which are your carriers for the divine spark that we all are, but it would have been something that you would not have believed. You would have rolled your eyes and would have called it crazy. So we have gently, softly, subtly, been nudging you to remember to wake up for decades now.

Some of you have heard our calls and have wondered if you were making it up and if you were imagining things and we say go into your hearts and you will always know. We have been coming to you in dreams in signs in patterns in songs in any and every way that we thought you would be able to hear us. Like each lock has a specific key, each of you have your own codes of activation that are unique to you and we have been working with your divine codes to rewaken you in the most loving way specific to your vibrational pattern.
The time is coming now that we can not afford to be so subtle and so gentle any more dear ones. We say this not to frighten you and we would never be able to go against your free will but we must get louder and bolder and more brazen in our approach as the timelines come nearer. It is as if you are waiting for the train and you may not have heard the first few whistles letting you know that departure is imminent but the whistles must get louder and more frequent so that no one is left behind! Yes, there will be other trains and no one will be lost but we are doing our best to pack this first train so full of passengers that you may not be able to move, and you may not have the luxury accommodations that you have hoped for (laughter). This matters not as the only thing that is important, is that you are on this train. 

There is a plan for all of you, yet as you say “those next steps are not set in stone”. There is still some flexibility in your travel plans, in your itinerary, but all destinations are the same. We see the importance of getting as many souls on that first train as we can so that the balance will be tipped in our favor. This is not a contest or a competition in the way that you perceive it to be. Yet there is power in numbers as our scribe has said “when we shine together, the light gets brighter” so we say would you want to see a glow made up of a million separate lights? How about a billion? How about a trillion? How about a number that is bigger than any number you have yet been able to comprehend? That is the amount of light that we want to see! Our point is that the more people on this train the better. For we are directing all to converge and come together now! The celebration is in process and has been for so many years now. 

Time is of another makeup from outside your world and is not something that is linear. In many ways this episode has been re-run several times over and each time we see the ending is re-written a little bit and keeps getting more and more exciting and now we are seeing the ending of this episode come to a beautiful and wonderful completion! Yet there are still options that can be chosen there are still timelines that have not been collapsed and we say to you that they are all beautiful and all benevolent and all are a happy ending. But why have a party with only 100 guests when you can have a party with a 1,000 guests or 10,000 guests or more? We are saying that the guest list is still up in the air! Yet your time to rsvp is coming to an end soon for this first wave of the party. We mean not to cause panic or fear. For each of you have chosen the time and place of your awakening but that does not mean that there is still the possibility to decide at the last minute to say "Wait, I want to go now!" And we would say yes! Welcome! Please come in! There is still so much to show you and to share with you and to awaken within you yet we say in time, in time. We have an idea that what we can talk to you about the concept of time and sacred geometry and the reality of life outside of the 3D Earth but not here, not now. This would be like walking into your first day of French class and being asked to read Les Miserables in its entirety on the first day! (laughter) We know that so many of you would take one look at the book and turn and walk away! 

So we shall start small, we shall start with the basics. Like The Sound of Music..Let’s start at the very beginning.
The first thing that you can all do is to look within your heart. Close your eyes and breathe in and out three times and bring your attention to your chest where that magnificent machine lives. What colors do you see on the insides of your eyes? What feelings do you feel? What music do you hear? What words do you want to write? Pay attention to these sensations and to the information that comes from there for it is always correct. It is always wise, it is always kind. It will lead you in the direction that you desire. It will finally “scratch that itch” so to speak.

The first step is always to breathe, then always to focus, then always to listen. And then after you have listened and think you have an answer, see how that answer resonates within you. Does it feel true? Does it feel pure? Does it feel right? You bodies have the magnificent power to detect the purity of information and of answers. We would say if it doesn’t feel right for you, then it is not right for you. The most important thing to know for this journey is how to listen for yourself. How to discern for yourself if it is true for you or not. There is no right way, there is no wrong way, there is only your way and only you know which is the right way for you. For never forget that free will reigns for and above all else, and that you will never be asked to live something that is not true for you. You may decide, you may choose to live what is not true for you but that is only and always your choice. And if it is not true for you, you will know it by how it feels.
You may say “seeing is believing” and yet we would say, no my child “feeling is believing”. If you ever doubt which choice to make, feel your way through it and you will know. There will always be a feeling inside of you which will correspond with each choice and if that feeling feels light and free then that is the optimal choice for you. If it feels low and heavy then you may still choose that choice but it will be the long way home, it will be the burdensome road to travel and we are here to say set your burdens down! Cast them aside! This is now the time to make new choices that let your hearts sing and your lights shine brightly! These ideas of toiling and struggling and fighting to be free are but an illusion. You only have to struggle if you choose to. That time is over and we say choose to be free! You will know it when you feel it.

We leave you with so much more to share, so much more to show, so much more to teach and yet there are only so many hours in one of your Earth days (laughter). We do not expect you to read the entirety of War and Peace on your first day of class (more laughter). You may think as our scribe is thinking right now “How do these people know about books and movies and music of earth”? We laugh and laugh and say “Well what did you expect of infinite intelligence?” (laughter). We speak to you in the ways that you will understand. We wish not to create separation or any further illusion. We come to you with messages to be heard in the easiest way that they can be heard. We have so much more to show you but we know that it is time for this message to end.

Our scribe still has much work to do! The first time of translating our messages has been in your words a bit clunky and we know that there are many typing mistakes to be corrected. (laughter). We laugh with our scribe, our brother, our partner, for his very humanness in that he sees so much proofing and editing to be done for this message now! We have delivered the message and now he can clean it up so to speak. We say to you our dearest beloveds. Go not in to fear, go not in to doubt. When you look up and do not see that which you have expected to see. When you wake up and your world seems unchanged, go not into disappointment. Close your eyes, breathe, focus and feel. Feel. Feel. Feel. You will know what has shifted for you when you feel. You will know what is true for you when you feel. You will know that all is well when you feel. You will know that the love we send to you has never stopped has never wavered has never paused. It is unconditional and eternal as you are. Until next time in love and light we leave you. Rejoice! 

Channel, changed.


Several days ago, I awoke from a very intense dream where I was handed an 8 sided figure. It was made of some sort of stone or crystal that I had never seen before. The next night I dreamt that there was all of this stuff being pulled from my ears. It was yards and yards of cotton or fabric of some sort. I could literally feel the stuff being pulled out of my ears and I was watching as it came out. 

Over the past 18 months I have been doing a lot of work on myself. All of this work could be classified as “spiritual” in nature. I have slowly gotten used to an enhanced perception, so needless to say, unusual dreams and strange physical sensations have not been out of the ordinary for me during this time. Yet still these dreams stuck with me as being extraordinary. I knew that they were meaningful and important occurrences...I just didn’t exactly understand what the messages were. The morning after the dream about all of the stuff being pulled from my ears, I was enjoying my usual quiet time on the sofa with my coffee and my solitude. I still was trying to unravel the mystery behind the dreams. I finished my coffee and settled in to meditate with the intention of allowing the answers behind the dreams to come to me. While I was meditating, I saw the 8 sided figure spinning in the middle of my head. I was filled with the unmistakable knowing that the 8 sided figure that had been handed to me was my Merkabah being activated and the cotton/fabric being pulled from my ears was an “upgrade” to my Clairaudience and was preparing me to channel. I was excited by this knowledge and yet at the same time it was one of those things that my logical mind rationalized with:  “well, there’s really no way to measure any of this until something extraordinary happens”. So I basically forgot it, or at least let it go and moved on with my day.
The next night, Sunday the 17th, I was sitting on the sofa. I had just finished a really awesome session of painting. It struck me very clearly as I was putting my art supplies away how lost in the moment I had been during the hour or so that I had been painting. I looked around my apartment and blinked as if someone had just turned on the lights in a very dark room. It was like I had been somewhere else where it was just me, my painting and the creative juices flowing through me. I realized and even muttered to myself, “That’s really weird, I was kind of out of body during that painting session”. 
I acknowledged this, thanked the Spirits of Creativity for those sublime moments and proceeded to start making dinner. It should also be noted, that all day on the 17th, I had been feeling very pronounced tingles and tickles all around the top of my head...around my crown chakra. I just chalked it up to more “crazy awakening stuff” but didn’t think much of it...again the past 18 months had shown me that it was definitely not business as usual, so more odd physical sensations weren’t any cause for alarm.

So there I am, having just finished my dinner and relaxing on the sofa, enjoying some re-runs of “Modern Family” when I was completely overcome by a feeling of bliss washing over me. It was pure ecstasy pouring in in wave after wave after wave. These "waves of love" as I had started calling them had begun several weeks earlier. They would come out of nowhere, lasting only for a few seconds and then like that, they would be gone. This time though, the feeling was SO intense that immediately I was compelled to mute the tv, sit up and assume my meditation pose, close my eyes and just revel in the feelings. As I was sitting there soaking up the love, I suddenly had this impression of a column of light or energy coming down over me and my crown chakra started buzzing like crazy! It was almost as if I was being scanned...not in the sense of a machine or technological scan, but there was some energy that was definitely checking me out. I was breathing and allowing when all of a sudden my head started nodding seemingly on it’s own. I felt like one of those “Drinking Bird” toys that slowly bobs its beak down into the water and back up again. While this was happening, I intuitively knew to go deeper. With each nod of my head, to deepen my focus and allow these feelings to fill me up. My head stopped bobbing and I suddenly felt so full. Full of breath, full of energy, full of love. It was completely and utterly amazing. More love than I have ever felt in my life. Concurrently, my rational mind was FREAKING out! Even though I felt totally safe and even though it was a really strange feeling, it also felt totally natural to me. However, my monkey mind was not 100% sold. Thoughts of possession and the devil and evil spirits were trying to flood in, but I just kept breathing and allowing. I did my protection visualizations and grounded myself to abate my fears.

Finally I asked (in my mind) “Is this a channeling”?

My head bobbed “yes”.
“Are you a being of love and light”?


“Are you sent from Mother/Father God”?


“Do you wish me harm”?


“Do you have a name”?


“What is your name”?
This time there was no head bob...just a brief pause. Then I felt a knot of energy in my solar plexus starting to rise. It was coming up my body and at the same time I felt my face get really really hot and my mouth started to open, like I was trying to speak. Simultaneously, I am afraid, excited, laughing to myself and am also outside of myself watching all of this happen. I am thinking “Am I supposed to say something or is the being I am channeling going to talk?” “I’ve never done this before, so I don’t know what the rules are”. “I don’t want my ego to take over and start running the show, talking and thinking that it’s channeling”. So I stayed silent.

Then just like that it stopped. I open my eyes and am speechless at what has just happened. It had only been about 3 minutes that I had my eyes closed. My rational mind was bugging out, trying to justify the experience. A few minutes later, the feelings wash over me again and I close my eyes. This time I felt something being inserted into my left ear, like a q-tip. My hearing for a second even went out in my left ear, like someone had just stuck their finger in there and then with a “pop”, it was gone. A few seconds later, I feel pressure on the top left side of my head, like someone was peering into my brain, just checking things out. I was all of a sudden twitching and buzzing all over my body! My heart, my legs, my face were all on fire with energy. Even though my eyes are closed, they are moving back and forth at a rapid fire, like I am reading millions of lines of info in just a few seconds.
Again, I felt safe and cared for...honestly it felt like I was getting a check up at the doctors office more than anything else. A very unusual check up, mind you...but nothing to fear. I open my eyes and am absolutely and completely exhausted. Like I haven’t slept in days and have been pulling 18 hours shifts, exhausted. I felt the energies start to surge again and I said out loud “That’s enough for tonight thank you! I don’t think I can handle any more tonight!”

The next morning I awoke like a kid on Christmas morning! I was SO excited at what had happened that I could barely stand it! I did my morning meditation hoping for a repeat...but no dice. I went to work and spent the whole day wondering if it really happened or did I just make the whole thing up? I was still having the tingles all around the top of my head, but other than that it was just like any other work day. That night I rushed home and meditated again...trying my best to see if I could re-create what had happened, but I couldn’t find the connection. The next morning I had all but convinced myself that I had just made the whole thing up. I went to work, did my thing and was hoping like crazy that I would get some sort of sign that it had really occurred. Then suddenly my body started rocking back and forth very gently...it was almost imperceptible, but it was there, and I wasn’t the one doing it. I smiled, knowing that this was reassurance that no, it wasn’t all in my head.
Later that night, I got home, relaxed for a bit, made my dinner and was going to try again, when I suddenly had a revelation. I needed to paint to help open up my channels of creativity to allow the connection. It became clear to me that I still had my training wheels on, and that this was a way for me to relax and open myself up to receive the energies. So I had another great painting session and as I was wrapping up, I began to feel the tingles around my crown getting stronger and stronger. I sat down on the sofa, closed my eyes and started to breathe. This time was different, in that my ears were filled with a sound that I can only describe as Divine Static. I instinctively knew that I was supposed to go into the noise. I focused on the sound until I was in the middle of it. Literally I found myself walking towards the field of sound, knowing that I was supposed to focus on it and try to find the signal in the noise. I suddenly found myself accompanied by the same being from the night before. My old fear came up again and I asked Archangel Michael to come in and protect me. Immediately my head bobbed “yes” again.

“Is Archangel Michael here”?


“Am I safe with you”?


“Are you Archangel Michael”?


Suddenly the tingles at my crown began to coalesce and move towards the top of my head...they gathered there and began to climb up towards the column of light and once again I felt my energies blending and merging with AA Michael’s.

This time, I had found my voice. And I spoke the questions out loud.

“Are you Michael of the blue candle?” (I have candles I light for all of my angels and the one I light for Michael is blue)

“Michael with the sword of truth”?


“Michael the messenger of God”?


I still didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing, but I knew that it was my monkey mind that was worried about it, and that if I just relaxed and allowed, that I would know what the next steps were.
Suddenly I realized that I was in training. That this was the start of what I hoped would be a long relationship and that this was about adjusting me and the energies to work together in concert. This was a partnership and these were merely the beginnings.
The next night I mediated again and it was more training and adjustments. This time it was my eyes. I felt intense pressure on and around my third eye and I could feel, inside my head that my Pineal Gland was being cleaned off of all of the gunk. It was a searing sensation in the center of my head, but not painful at all. Then my eyes started flitting all over the place again and I was aware that they were being upgraded too. Like I was being outfitted with new lenses. I half expected my eyes to be a different color when I opened them!  More twitches and buzzing and sensations all over my body. I was definitely sure now that I was not imagining any of this!
One of the strangest parts was that I only really remembered the finer details after it happened. While it was occurring, I was so completely in the moment that what had just happened or what was going to happen didn't exist. I finally and completely understood not only living in the moment, but what it is to surrender. I also began to understand the concept of time as a non-linear event. While this was occurring, I was in my body, out of my body, watching it happen, conversing with AA Michael, comforting my mind and soothing myself to keep me calm, all at the same time. It was kind of like watching 7 channels all at once and being able to completely comprehend everything that was going on. 

So, here I am writing and I would be lying if I said that there wasn’t a small part of me that still doubts that this is real. But, what are my options? Pretend that none of this happened? Brush it all off and go back to a 9-5 life in the Third Dimension? I could if I chose too, but why on earth would I want to? 

This happening has absolutely convinced me of things that I have always believed were true, but had no concrete experience of.
That we are not alone! That we are all of us Divine beings that come from and are made of the same stuff. We are connected, all of us. That I, you, me, we are not our bodies. They are but vessels for the spark that we all share. That I now know that why I am here is to be a channel. To help others remember who they are and to help them re-learn how to turn up that inner flame we all possess! To give answers, questions, comfort, wisdom and truth in service of The Light.

Why am I sharing this experience? Why am I speaking out on something that many people would think is pure B.S.? Because I have no other choice, that’s why. Because even if it is all B.S. (which, I know in my heart it is not) I would much rather live in a world where these things are possible. Where they are as much a part of reality as the sun and the sky are.
The alternative is much less interesting and exciting.
Believe me or don’t, this much I know is true: the alternative is the illusion.
When we finally wake up is when we discover that we have all been asleep for far too long.
So wake up sleepy head, we have work to do...and fear not, because we literally have angels at our side. 

To Love and Light,




The Little Things


One morning not too long ago I was getting ready for my 9-5 job. The shirt that I planned to wear was wrinkled and at the time I didn't have an ironing board. The only way I could press my shirt, was to lay out a towel across the top of my dresser and have that serve as my makeshift ironing board. It wasn't a horrible way to iron a shirt, but it certainly left a lot to be desired. I remember saying out loud to nobody in particular: "I really would love an ironing board...nothing fancy, just a basic one for those occasions when I need to iron a piece of clothing." I continued getting dressed and didn't think about it again for the rest of the day. That night, as I was walking home from work, I came around the corner of my building and noticed an ironing board propped up against the wall outside my apartment. "Um, this is weird", I thought. I live in the corner unit of a small building, so I don't really have any neighbors. At the time the unit right next to me was empty, so there was no logical explanation for the ironing board that was innocently leaning up against the side of my building. I stood there for a minute and a knowing surfaced that said "This is for you, remember this morning when you asked for an ironing board? Well, here it is". I laughed to myself and took the ironing board into my apartment.

A few weeks later, I was cleaning my place on a sunny, Saturday. I had just bought a new houseplant and was trying to figure out where it was going to live and was looking for a pot to put it in.  Over the years, I have collected a nice bunch of vintage pottery that I use for all of my plants. Something about having a plant live in the ugly, green, plastic container that it comes in seems so sad to me. As I tried all of my pots, I realized that I didn't have one in my collection that was big enough. I said to myself: "I want a new pot for my new plant. Nothing fancy, just a nice piece of pottery big enough to hold the newest addition to my plant family". I set the plant close to the window and kept cleaning. About an hour later, as I was washing my bedroom windows, I looked out across the alley to the back of the neighboring building and saw a big, ceramic, pot sitting on the ground, close to the dumpster.
"Wait, was that pot there a few minutes ago?" I swear I hadn't seen it earlier that morning. I stared out at the pot and thought that there was no way that it had just appeared. I figured that someone must be repotting a plant and continued on with my chores. About 30 minutes later, I looked out the window again and saw that the pot was now sitting right next to the dumpster with a few other items that were clearly being thrown away. So, I walked across the alley to take a closer look. It was exactly the size and style that I needed. Nothing too fancy...just a nice piece of pottery big enough to hold my new plant. I brought it inside and stared at it, incredulous that it had just "shown up" the way that it had. 

Around the same time, I was involved with a guy that was bringing up all sorts of issues for me. It was definitely one of those toxic relationships in which we learn a lot about ourselves. It was a valuable experience to be sure, but it certainly wasn't enjoyable. After months of "on again/off again" we had finally reached a point where I was willing to let go and move on. However, being in the same city and working in the same neighborhood was still too close for my comfort. One night after a particularly exhausting day of fretting over him, I said to myself "I wish that he would just go away and that I would never have to see him again." Fast forward to a few weeks later and I had some of his gym clothes that I needed to get back to him, so I texted him to let him know. His response was: "I don't live in Seattle anymore, I've suddenly had to move back home, so you can just toss them". I was stunned...an ironing board or a piece of pottery was one thing, but a person? I was literally speechless. It gave me chills all over my body. I couldn't believe it! 


So what's the point to all of this? What do an ironing board, a plant pot and a guy that I wanted out of my life all have in common? Quite simply: Our thoughts do create our reality.  One of my favorite Abraham Hicks quotes is: "It is as easy to create a castle as a button. It's just a matter of whether you're focused on a castle or a button."
Up until the above examples, I believed in the Law of Attraction as a concept and I certainly believed that we do create our own versions of reality...but I really didn't have any immediate, concrete examples of it. 
Now whenever I doubt my own power as a divine creator, all I have to do is remember those events and I know, without a shadow of a doubt that I AM a creator. That WE ARE creators and that life only and always responds to our vibration. 
So what do you want? Whatever it is, create it, wish it, envision it to life. The Law of Attraction must and will comply. 
I know this much is true, and I have the ironing board, the piece of pottery and the end of an unhealthy relationship to prove it.

To Love and Light, 






That's Life


"I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet...a pawn, and a king.
I've been up and down and over and out, and I know one thing.
Each time I find myself flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the race."




The first thing I do when I wake up each morning is look out my bedroom window and say "Thank you for another day". After that, sometimes I roll over and go back to bed, sometimes I consciously set my intentions for the day, and sometimes I jump out of bed to make my coffee without much regard for what's in front of me.
I have started to notice though that almost every morning I wake up with a song in my head. In paying attention to these morning soundtracks, I realize that they almost always offer some sort of message. When the song is an upbeat pop number...say Beyoncé or Madonna for example. I generally take that as a sign to have a little more fun and to be lighthearted in my day. Not that Madonna and Beyoncé can't be meaningful mind you, but let's just say that I don't play their music when I am having a deep, soul searching moment. 
This morning, the song that was in my head was "That's Life". The Frank Sinatra version. The chorus in particular was on a loop when I woke up.
What does it mean? What is the hidden message? What is The Universe trying to tell me? Hell if I know! Honestly sometimes I wonder what it is that I am to glean from these messages. The old saying goes: "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar". This is true. However, my experience has shown me that when it comes to messages from The Divine, there is always a little more to it than meets the eye.
So what did Old Blue Eyes mean when he was singing that famous chorus?
To me it's all about attitude. It's not our job, our lineage, our heritage, our bank account or any of those illusory bits that define who we are in this life. Even the richest of us have moments of despair and turmoil. Even the poorest, and seemingly least powerful among us can experience joy, love, success and freedom. What it all comes down to is how we feel about where we are in our life. I'll guarantee you that there are days when even Beyoncé and Madonna don't want to get out of bed and do the work required to live the life they have created for themselves. How do I know? Because, they're human! That's part of the deal in this Earth bound existence. There are going to be those days that we grumble and grouch...when all we really want to do is roll over and pull the covers back over our heads. Just like there are those days when we leap out of bed with a song in our hearts and a smile on our faces...like fricking Snow White with the bunnies and squirrels and woodland creatures dancing along as we sing our merry tune. What matters in the end is not what we do, but how we feel when we do it!
Do I want to go to my job this morning? HELL NO! Do I want to spend the whole day napping and painting and meditating and writing? HELL YES! Am I in a position this red hot minute to do so? If I manage to find a suitcase of money in the next 25 minutes, then I will gladly call up my job and tell them that I am calling in rich and that I will never be back! (for the record, I like my job. It's good, as far as working for others is concerned...but it's certainly not my life's goal to be there any longer than I have to be).
What's the point you ask?
It's not what we do, but how we do it!
Close your eyes, take a breath and do a quick internal inventory. How are you feeling in this moment? Locate and identify that feeling. Now do your best to inch that feeling up a notch on the emotional scale. Maybe you can't go from feeling angry and pissed to joyful and exuberant...but there is always an option to feel at least a little better than you do right now. You gotta start somewhere. So creep up from indifference to annoyance...move from exasperation to resignation...leap from apathy to mild interest. Before you know it, it will be easier and easier to feel better and better, because the better you feel, the better you feel. Pretty soon, you'll find that even those things that you used to dread and drag your feet in doing, don't bother you as much as they used to.
I've had something like 25 jobs in my 42 years on this planet. Some of these jobs I have loved, and some have literally found me crying in the shower before my shift because I was miserable in the work that I had to do.
This I know for sure. You've got to feel better before things are going to get better. That's the deal. You can't create something new until you make peace with what you already have. Even if that peace is simply resigning yourself to trudging to that job for one. more. day. When we make how we feel the most important thing we do in a day, everything else will fall in line. It might take a day, it might take a week or God forbid, it might take even a year...but it will change. The question is, how do you want it to change? Where do you want it to go? In writing the script for your day, what do you want the final sentence to be? Pick yourself up, decide what you want, and then get back in the race...cuz that's life my friends. That's life.

To Love and Light,









Coming Out...Once and for All


Some of us emerge into this world with a map that is very clear and unmistakable. Like a laser, we are pointed directly at our destination with a path that is linear and precise. Never wavering or stepping from our path, we push on. Some of us meander a bit, weaving from place to place...like a bee from flower to flower. We pick up a bit here and another bit there, carrying a taste of each experience with us like so many grains of pollen. Always on our way to a destination, but with a path that resembles a wandering, loopy, vacillating line. 

Personally, my path has been a bit of both. My entire life I have been propelled, driven, pushed, pulled and sometimes dragged along by a force, a voice, a feeling inside of me that has always whispered "keep going, not yet, there is more than this". A sense that I have more to share, more to show and much more to live than what is visible directly in front of me. As if the map I have is somehow not entirely mine, but has been drawn by someone else.


I’ve always told myself and others that “I am a gypsy...a pioneer”. At times my life has been like a game of "Hot and Cold". Directed by this inner knowing that I am getting "colder" or "warmer", yet still not ever exactly sure what it is that I am supposed to be seeking. The path that this has taken me on would, for the most part, seem random and meandering. There have been those moments on my journey where I have made very direct, sudden turns, towards a very specific point. Yet even those moments of seemingly doubtless movement have always ended with me arriving at the destination, knowing that I was supposed to be there, but not being able to figure out exactly why. Something along the lines of entering a room with a thousand locked boxes and a ring of keys in my hand. Clearly there is a reason I am to be here, and clearly these keys unlock these boxes, but hell if I know which key fits what lock! Eventually, all paths have lead me back to that room full of boxes. Over the years I have opened many of the boxes and for a while the contents have been interesting, enjoyable, exciting, and even rewarding. Yet the truth is, that over time, the contents of all of the opened boxes has always left me wanting more. Always left me yearning to discover what's next. After trying a few boxes, I have usually gotten tired of the exercise and have gone back to doing what I know how to do. Exiting the room, shutting the door behind me, keeping to what I am comfortable with and repeating the same thing over and over.



In 1990, I left the small Wyoming town I grew up in, and struck out for Seattle. It was one of those moments on my path that was precise and direct. I didn't know why, I didn't know how, I only knew that Seattle was where I was supposed to go. In the 9 years I lived in Seattle, I had 7 different apartments and 12 different jobs. I opened a lot of boxes that I eventually got bored with.  Then came New York City: Another straight shot driven by my inner voice to a very specific destination. My 6.5 years in The Big Apple brought 4 more jobs and 6 more apartments...the boxes were bigger, louder, and much more glamorous, and still unfulfilling. The next 8 years brought me back to Seattle, then down to San Francisco, further South to Los Angeles and in an unexpected hairpin turn, back North to Seattle again. Those 8 years from 2005 - 2013 included 12 more jobs and 9 more apartments. More keys, more locks, more opened boxes that ultimately ended with me sitting, staring at the ceiling in exasperation wondering what the point of all of this was?

Then something shifted. I was living in LA in 2012, standing in my apartment looking at myself in mirror. Having just made the decision to move back to Seattle...again. This time though, I promised myself that this was it. I was tired of the repetitive loop that the past few years of my life had become. The travels, the apartments, the jobs, the moves...they had all been fulfilling in their own way, but it was like a spiral that was getting tighter and tighter. It was now difficult for me to tell one day from the next. My own personal Groundhog Day set to the soundtrack of that voice saying: "keep going, not yet, there is much more than this". It was then and there that I promised myself...promised that voice, promised The Universe, promised God that I would go back to Seattle to finally sit down and sort through the numerous keys on that ring. To try them all and find out which box held the treasure. Being a gypsy is one thing, but I was beginning to feel like the past 8 years I had been striking out not in search of adventure or greener pastures, but that I had actually been running from The Truth. I wasn’t even sure what that Truth was, but I knew it was there. I knew that I could no longer run from it, and most importantly, I was ready to discover it. I was tired of running and moving, of getting settled only to uproot myself so that I could start all over again. I still had that ring of keys somewhere and I knew that once I arrived back in Seattle, it would only be a matter of time before I would have to re-enter that room and start trying to fit the thousands of keys to the thousands of locks on the thousands of boxes that would stand before me. I remember feeling really tired and overwhelmed by that thought, so I took a nap.




Fast forward to my third Seattle incarnation and I found myself standing at the door again with my ring of keys. Only this time, when I looked down at the ring there were only two keys. I entered the now very familiar room and to my amazement there were only two boxes. One was labeled “The Truth” and the other was labeled “Everything Else”. Suddenly my choices were very simple and clear. There comes a point in life when we must own who we are.



I would be lying if I told you that I ran directly to The Truth box, put the key in the lock and opened it to a choir of angels and streams of Jesus Clouds pouring forth. Even with only two keys left on the ring and two choices to make, I still chose the box labeled “Everything Else”.


I opened it, and found nothing but the same old stuff that I had already seen. Shiny, pretty, sexy, distractions that I knew would only lead me back to this room full of boxes. So after a lot of hemming and hawing. After a lot of screaming and shouting and begging and pleading and kicking and crying and avoiding. After lying to myself and doing my level best to convince myself that “Everything Else” was what I really desired. I proceeded to finally shut the box and throw away the key.

I spent the next few months staring at the last remaining box.



The Truth.

It was simple, unassuming and frankly, rather plain. It wasn’t shiny or sparkly or glittery. I was convinced that compared to the contents of the other boxes, that it was going to be really fucking boring. Still, I shut my eyes, held my breath and put the final key into the lock.

What happened when I opened that box was nothing short of miraculous. When I finally opened that box the voice inside of me said “yes, this is it...you’re home”. For the first time in my life, I’d found a sense of relief and a feeling of satisfaction. Deep satisfaction...like an itch always out of reach, had finally been scratched. A stillness that I knew was always there finally surfaced. Much to my amazement, what I found in that box was a map that was blank, waiting for me to draw out my own path.

There was only one catch. Kind of like that scene in “Death Becomes Her” when Meryl Streep drinks the potion of immortality and Isabella Rossellini says “Now, a warning”! Meryl Streep’s perfect reaction of “NOW a warning”!? had suddenly become my mantra...I had already unlocked the box and NOW you tell me that there’s a catch? Yes, of course there’s a catch...isn’t there always? In every Universal Law or Force of Nature, there is always an equal and opposite reaction required. In this case it was simple...not only would The Truth set me free, but it would also come with the price of having to own who I was. And just to sweeten the pot a little...I would not only have to own who I was, but I would have to PUBLICLY declare that ownership. It was not enough to open that box and to accept the gift. I also had to stand on that box in a public forum and speak it out loud. It was and is a non-negotiable part of the deal. It’s either that, or I go back to following the map that someone else has drawn for me. When put in those terms, the choice is pretty clear.



So here goes...I’ve opened the box and now I have to do my part in accepting the gift of The Truth.

I, Andrew Martin am a Spiritual Seeker. I am a Divine, Spiritual Being having a Human, Physical, Earthbound experience. I am a Creator. I am a Lightworker. I am an Earth Angel. I am a Being of Light. I am a Teacher, a Student, a Mentor, a Master, a Life Coach, and a Light Coach. I am Empathic, Intuitive, Clairsentient, Clairaudient and Claircognizant. I light candles for my Angels and Guides. I pray to them, I talk to them, I see signs from them and sometimes I literally hear them. Like literally literally...not figuratively literally. Books in my collection feature authors like: Eckhart Tolle, Gary Zukav, Don Miguel Ruiz, Abraham Hicks, Pam Grout and Neale Donald Walsch. I believe in and live by The Law of Attraction. I meditate, I carry crystals with me. I smudge sage when a room is feeling “off” in its vibration. I talk to relatives who have passed on and I hear and feel them too. I believe in a Divine, Infinite, Intelligence. I believe in a Multiverse that is really just a Universe. I believe in re-incarnation, channeling, psychics, past lives, twin flames, out of body experiences, astral travel, Reiki, energy work, and I am currently going through a series of exercises and routines to de-calcify and re-activate my Pineal Gland. I also believe that Science and Spirit are two sides of the same coin. They are two forks of the same path and Science is merely a toddler to Spirit’s wizened old, ancient, self. I know that this “reality” is only an illusion and that this lifetime is merely a blip on the screen. I know that I AM God. That You are God. That Heaven and Hell and The Devil don’t exist (at least not in the Biblical sense) and that religion is a construct of man and has nothing to do with God. I know that Love is the only thing that is real and it has an energy signature just like every other feeling or force in the Universe.

I know that at first glance, some of you reading this are going to roll your eyes and think how foolish I am. I know that some of you who know me personally are going to think that I have completely gone off of the rails. I know that some of you will think that the Devil has me in his grasp and that God is judging me and casting me to Hell for all eternity because of my sacrilege.




I also know that respectfully, honestly and completely, I lovingly don’t give a fuck what you think. 


I know what I know and I do my best to live a life that feels authentic and real and true. I know that I am here to help people, to teach people, to guide people to finding their own truth and their own alignment with their higher self.

What else do I know? I have no idea.

Keep reading and let’s find out together.

To Love, and Light,


Work in Progress

Does the world really need another blog? I don't know...and honestly I don't care. This will be a spot for me to share thoughts, progress and other bits of info. Stay tuned to see how this project progresses!