Tiffani, Romie, and Beaux

We had SO much fun hanging out with Tiffani, Romie, and Beaux yesterday!

IMG_7151.jpg - IMG_7151.jpgIMG_7152.jpg - IMG_7152.jpgIMG_7153.jpg - IMG_7153.jpgIMG_7164.jpg - IMG_7164.jpgIMG_7165.jpg - IMG_7165.jpgIMG_7178.jpg - IMG_7178.jpgIMG_7180.jpg - IMG_7180.jpgIMG_7187.jpg - IMG_7187.jpgIMG_7237.jpg - IMG_7237.jpgIMG_7193.jpg - IMG_7193.jpgIMG_7195.jpg - IMG_7195.jpgIMG_7225.jpg - IMG_7225.jpgIMG_7209.jpg - IMG_7209.jpgIMG_7207.jpg - IMG_7207.jpgIMG_7236.jpg - IMG_7236.jpgIMG_7243.jpg - IMG_7243.jpgIMG_7129.jpg - IMG_7129.jpgIMG_7116.jpg - IMG_7116.jpgIMG_7115.jpg - IMG_7115.jpgIMG_7114.jpg - IMG_7114.jpgc68-IMG_7104.jpg - c68-IMG_7104.jpgc65-IMG_7119.jpg - c65-IMG_7119.jpgIMG_7245.jpg - IMG_7245.jpgIMG_7241.jpg - IMG_7241.jpgIMG_7244.jpg - IMG_7244.jpgIMG_7264.jpg - IMG_7264.jpgIMG_7248.jpg - IMG_7248.jpgIMG_7247.jpg - IMG_7247.jpgIMG_7261.jpg - IMG_7261.jpg

Day two with Mama and Babies

Today was day two with Mama and her babies. We named them today! Since we rescued them on St. Patricks day, it was only fitting that their names be Irish. :)








I cannot even being to explain how unbelievably lucky I feel to be experiencing this.

Mama and Babies

This morning, Dan and I woke up at 4:30 am to head to Lake County Animal Services to pick up a mama and her babies that were dumped there a few days ago by their former owner. The shelter was actually closed today, but the super nice animal control officer met us there at 7 am so that we could get mama and babies out of the shelter and into a home sooner rather than later. Mama is very thin, but we will fix that right up. Her babies are currently two weeks old and will be ready to go to their forever homes when they are eight weeks old. Here are some photos from their first day here. Enjoy!

IMG_6811.jpg - IMG_6811.jpgIMG_6818.jpg - IMG_6818.jpgIMG_6852.jpg - IMG_6852.jpgIMG_6823.jpg - IMG_6823.jpgIMG_6859.jpg - IMG_6859.jpgIMG_6838.jpg - IMG_6838.jpgIMG_6869.jpg - IMG_6869.jpgIMG_6877.jpg - IMG_6877.jpgIMG_6887.jpg - IMG_6887.jpgIMG_6889.jpg - IMG_6889.jpg