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Maxim Panitch - Byroads

ByroadsByroads gives us glimpses of the overlooked within Toronto and across Canada.  Panitch composes layered, complex images which situate the viewer clearly in an unfamiliar place.   We are invited to stop a moment to absorb the view in a perhaps unaccustomed direction. 
These are landscapes of neglect; abandoned, obscure, peripheral.  There is an atmosphere of stillness, nothing is moving.  The approach is observant, unobtrusive.  The vantage point is from the outside always – through a fence, across a road, over a barrier.
We encounter people who might inhabit these spaces not in the photographs but in prose.  Concise vignettes give us more than a snapshot - a voice, an insight, the vivid highlights of a miniature bio. 
Prose and photographs cohere, showing us the people and places usually bypassed en route.

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