Monday, February 22, 2016

Random: What the heck

Hi there!

I was just browsing newly released baby clothing online and I came across these...

"Kiss my butt" baby leggings.
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"Kiss my butt" baby leggings.
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I have many, many opinions... most are some variation of disgusting.

But I'm very curious if you'd honestly ever have your kid wear them? And why?

Until next time...

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rant: Terrible Customer Service

Hi there!

I am SO annoyed!

I had the perfect idea for a corner in our backyard where the shrubs hadn't yet matured. I thought I'd place a distressed looking fence plaque there to give the area something more to look at.

This one...

Bad customer service from Champions on Display.
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The stock picture makes it seem like a nice vintage-typed piece of work. When I received and opened my package, I immediately thought, "what is this!?" It is so UGLY! Fugly, even!

It's a particle board piece of junk. The image is awful. It's stretched as if they tried to put a small image on too large an item. It's difficult to photograph, but the the image is also very pixelated. Imagine opening a .jpeg in a paint program and using a blur tool to mess it up. Then zoom in to 300% where you can see the dots that make up the image. It's amateur...

Bad customer service from Champions on Display.

And get this- it also says "INDOOR USE ONLY!" on the packaging! That makes sense considering it's particle board. But I'm pretty sure I bought and paid for a wood sign...

Bad customer service from Champions on Display.

Since I ordered the item through, I first contacted them to see what could be done (I had already known that a third party seller, Champions on Display, sold the product through Walmart's website and they charged a 20% restocking fee + shipping). With regular Walmart items, returns are free... no questions asked.

Don't get me wrong- if I had ordered the product and then changed my mind about it, I'd understand having to be responsible for it. Since the item was simply not as depicted, I didn't want to be responsible. Anyway, Walmart's customer service gave me Champions on Display's contact information.

I wrote Champions on Display, included pictures, and very nicely asked for a prepaid return shipping label and for the restocking fee to be waived. The item is still in its packaging. That's how awful it looks- I didn't even want to open it!

A few days later, Champions on Display wrote me back essentially saying "too bad!" WHAT!?

I replied saying I know the item is supposed to look distressed. That is what I anticipated. A distressed item is not what I received. And I reiterated the problems regarding the image.

TEN days went by with no reply. I wrote again, simply saying I was still awaiting a reply and that I looked forward to a resolution.

I contacted Walmart's customer service department again (I felt like I was "telling mommy" on Champions on Display). The person I spoke with seemingly didn't have access to the marketplace sellers' disputes, so he escalated my claim to someone else and told me that someone from Walmart would get in touch with me within a week to get this resolved.

I'm guessing Walmart got in touch with Champions on Display right away- because the next business day, I received an email saying I'm responsible through and through. Oh, and that my eyes deceive me because the item I received IS as pictured. Ummm, no it's not... not at all. They signed off with a very smug "thanks for your patience and understanding."

At that point, I switched from annoyed to livid (ever so briefly). All of this over the matter of a $27.99 item?

Bad customer service from Champions on Display.

It's laughable now. But that's not what had me so mad. It was the principle. The Champions on Display customer service people are RUDE! Okay, it was about 90/10 principle/money.

I replied asking for clarification- that the product in person is SUPPOSED to look awful!? I suggested they at least update the product description to include "warped, pixelated, and amateur." Then I stooped to their level with the smugness and signed off with "my readers will have fun with this one."

I don't know why I said that. Sure, I did already know I was going to write something about my experience. And I knew their mind was made up. All along, they've had the same "customer is wrong no matter what" stance. I guess I wanted them to know other people (perhaps potential new customers) would be hearing about it.

I felt a huge sigh of relief, though. I said everything I could have said to explain the situation. I was specific and, more importantly to me, polite. My values didn't diminish. It was then I knew I'd just take a loss (after the cost of shipping and the restocking fee, I'd only get about $7 back). It is what it is.

And the power (or threat) of social media is intense. Only 30 minutes later, Champions on Display wrote me back saying they were sorry I felt the way I do (this time it actually seemed truthful) and they would be happy to re-evaluate the situation. Hahaha, finally!? Then they requested more pictures.

Nope, nuhuh. I'm done with you.

I don't know what will happen now. Champions on Display has my contact information. They have my payment method. They know how to make this right. I don't know what to expect when I hear from Walmart's customer service team. If nothing more happens- it's disappointing... but like I came to accept: it is what it is.

One good thing did come of this experience. I realized an AMAZING gift I can give to one of my friends. He is a major Seattle Seahawks (big rival of the San Francisco 49ers) fan... and he enjoys target practice. This thing will be perfect!

I'd love to hear about your customer service issues! Were they resolved?

Until next time...
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