Thursday, October 15, 2015

Redecorating: TV Stands

Hi there!

I'm now on the hunt for a new TV stand. The one we have currently is glass and open-faced. The kidd thinks the shelves are stairs, and he loves to switch all of the electronics on and off. It doesn't bother me so much, but it drives the hubby bonkers. What bugs me is the visible cords.


I taped pipe insulation to the edges (more on that later... maybe). There was a piece attached to the top shelf, too, but the little stinker figured out that it was extremely fun to bite into the stuff! I feel I should also mention that the TV isn't broken- that's bubble wrap taped to the right side to hide the buttons.

Annnyway. So I stumbled upon this unit and couldn't help but share. Just take a look at this screaming deal...

Jofran Antique Media Unit.

You can save a whole penny!

While pretty, it doesn't really compliment the majority of our décor, so I'm still searching. Wish me luck!

Until next time...

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Redecorating: Vagina Chairs

Hi there!

I've really been in a mood to redecorate lately. So far, I've spruced up everything from fixtures to furniture. Anyway, there was a spot in our downstairs family room that seemed to need... something. I figured two comfy chairs would do the trick...

Hudson Swoop Chair - Pearl.

I had them sitting there for a couple of days before something entered my mind and just wouldn't leave... VAGINA! That's all I could think of when I looked at the chair on the left.

It's just BING, BANG, BOOM! Three right in a row!

When I went online to order a replacement, they were no longer on sale! I had a little bit of a panic attack (for real!), but was quickly brought back to reality. It's just a chair, it's just a chair.

Luckily, they were on sale again in the matter of a week. I reordered two new chairs just to be sure!

Hudson Swoop Chair - Pearl.

This is the combination of chair backs and bases that I ended up liking best. The chair that's now on the right is similar to the chair I initially had, but it isn't as in your face.

Other than the print snafu, I really love these chairs. They're sturdy, comfortable, and they've held up to the peanut buttered fingers of my kid 

I'm happy now. I'm not nuts for thinking what I thought, right?

Until next time...
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