Wednesday, July 22, 2015

All Lives Matter

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Soooo many of my Facebook friends have been posting stories and articles regarding #BlackLivesMatter... more specifically, that #AllLivesMatter is ignorant and racist. What?

I'm curious why this is the belief of so many.

Isn't the goal for every life to be equal? I really think the purposeful segregation is perpetuating the problem.

I was told that because I'm technically white skinned, I'm at the top of the racial hierarchy and I have "nothing to worry about." Okay, it's nice that you think that... but you're just as ignorant as you think I am.

I believe in a healthy debate, so I asked this friend a series of questions mostly pertaining to his claim that I'm ignorant for thinking that ALL lives do matter. I asked him if I'd be considered racist if I held a sign saying "white lives matter." Luckily, his answer was no. BUT because I'm white, he said I'd look silly- seeing, again, as I have nothing to worry about. I laughed aloud.

I understand that this world is not what it should be when it comes to treating people the way they should be treated. That doesn't make me happy at all.

A change will only happen when (if) we as a PEOPLE... not a color... not a gender... not an anything but a PEOPLE realize that person A is just as much a person as person B.

It's time to stop with the division of people based on anything but their integrity.

To those who assume that I am where I am today because of the color of my skin: goodbye. My pigment gets zero credit for my success. I have worked, and currently do work very hard for everything I've achieved. Thanks, affirmative action.

One more thought... there is no such thing as reverse racism. Racism is racism.

I can feel myself rambling on, so I'll leave with this... "black America. White America." STOP. IT!

Oh yeah... #AllLivesMatter

Until next time...

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