Sunday, December 16, 2012

Furry Nails

Hi there!

I had been wanting to try flocking powder on my nails for the longest time... so when Born Pretty contacted me to test and review a product, I already knew just what I'd choose!

Flocking powder. Furry manicure.

I painted a coat of Sally Hansen's Thinking of Blue as a base. Once that dried, I applied a coat of top coat to my index fingernail (I did one fingernail at a time). I then used tweezers to grab the flocking powder out of its jar and spread it over my nail. This probably goes without saying, but a top coat is unnecessary with flocking powder.

Admittedly, I was skeptical of this product before using it. I wondered how it would hold up through hand washing and other daily wear and tear. After I used the brush to remove excess powder from my first nail, I was a smidge more skeptical. The brush removed half of the powder from my nail!

Some things to note... it's very important that the top coat (or second coat of polish) is wet/as fresh as possible when the flocking powder is applied. It is also very important that the top coat is completely dry before using the brush to remove excess powder. I think that my first attempt at this manicure failed because I played with the powder for a bit too long before applying it to my index fingernail. I also didn't let my top coat dry long enough :-/ My second attempt at this manicure is what's pictured.

The powder is surprisingly easy to brush away from skin. I thought it'd be a clingy mess, but the removal brush did the trick. I recommend laying down a piece of paper at your manicure space before applying flocking powder. It comes in handy with the removal and recycling... I folded my piece of paper in half and used the crease as a funnel to pour the powder back into its jar.

After photographing my manicure, I put it through the ringer. I just had to test it out and see how it managed a good hand washing. I kind of thought the powder would fall off and wash down the drain... but it didn't! When wet, it looks and feels like crushed velvet. It takes some time to dry- but when it does, it looks like new. I also applied lotion all over my hands and nails. I was sure to apply it just like I normally do- nowhere near gentle. Expectedly, the flocking powder looked a bit weird (slimy) at first... but once I spread the lotion around to dissolve, my manicure looked as if I had just applied it.

If you're interested in getting your hands on some flocking powder, click here. Use code LSL91 for 10% off of your order at Born Pretty...

So, what do you think? Is this a manicure you think you might enjoy?

Until next time...

(This flocking powder was kindly provided by Born Pretty for me to play with)


Jamie @ Polish, Please! said...

I would really love to try this! I've seen so many manis featuring the flocking powder (some full manis, some accent nails, some using the powder as nail art) and it's just too cute and fun!

theVEROblog said...

Great review! How does it hold up with lotion?

Definitely Addicted said...

Thank you! It holds up great with lotion. It's slimy at first, but once the lotion is spread around, it looks normal as can be.

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