Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dirty Zombie

Hi there!

These are my Halloween nails...

My Halloween zombie manicure.

I painted 1 coat of OPI's Red Hot Ayers Rock (bright red) to start this manicure, then I randomly swiped China Glaze's Velvet Bow (dark red) over that. Once dry, I painted a thick coat of Color Club's Coastal Creme (pink nude). When that was dry, I used an acetone soaked q-tip to remove some of the nude polish. That allowed for some of the bright and dark red to show through.

My original intention was to leave it at that, but I felt like the manicure needed more... so I mixed Essie's Case Study (medium brown) and OPI's Suzi Loves Cowboys (dark brown) and sponged it onto each nail. Then I applied a coat of China Glaze's Matte Magic to achieve the final look. If I had it to do over again, I'd substitute the brown polishes for something more rusty- I think that'd better compliment the ouchies.

My hands are unbelievably dry. The climate change has made them really freak out- and I'd normally moisturize them, but somehow that didn't seem appropriate for this look :-) The ouchies are a mix of cosmetic stickers and makeup. Hunny poo was some sort of gross looking character last year for Halloween, and he didn't wear all of the stickers that came in his costume package... so I saved them! The boils were much more pronounced, but I was able to slice them to better blend into my skin.

What are you wearing on your nails for Halloween?

Until next time...


  1. it looks great and the matte effect really helps pull off the look :)

  2. I cut my finger and had to get stitches on Christmas last year and let me just say...SPOT ON! This is pretty gross, good job! lol

  3. I think the stitches and deep cuticle cuts definitely make this look painful! Great job.

  4. eeewwww! That is nasty in such a good Halloween way. How did you do the stitches? How long did you wear this manicure?

  5. WOOOOWWWW! This is beyond the beyond! I am freaking out right now. Fantastic job!

  6. Thanks, everyone! ... Malinda, the stitches are cosmetic stickers that I saved from hunny poo's Halloween costume last year (from Dollar Tree). I painted this manicure early evening tonight, and I plan on wearing it through tomorrow night :)

  7. I have been tweeting these nails, I love these SO MUCH, I want to wear them! Have fun tonight. Dollar Tree hmmm! WOWWWWW!

  8. This manicure is great, but the little details like the cut cuticles and the stitches make it awesome!!

  9. Great job - I usually have not liked the zombi manis I have seen - but this one is great! Thanks for the good description on how you got the look - I was not sure how to do this but with the acetone and pulling some off that makes it all work in my mind now.


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